Following the traces of the ancient flavours that fill the wineglasses...

The magical journey of the grapes and how captivating they become once presented in a wineglass are our common ground.

We started our journey by following the grapes. We have set up and grown vineyards. We produced grapes and finalised all of the demanding and challenging processes up until they reached the wineglasses. And then, we decided to share what we have in our glasses.

All of this have come to life on a slope located by the ancient cities; Metropolis, Magnesia and Ephesus. The ancient cities that were witnesses to the entire history in Southern Izmir are also witnesses to our foundation and growth.

Following the same objective and passion, we now invite you to join this magical journey of the grapes. Because the more we share the better everything gets.

We are going on an enjoyable journey through the Southern Izmir Vineyard Route, following the traces of the ancient flavours that fill our wineglasses...